Polyamory Nijmegen

English Language Non-Monogamy Talking Group


Nijmegen is one of the most vivid, progressive cities in the Netherlands, and it has a lively polyamory community.

Polyamory Nijmegen is an active community for people who like to discuss polyamory, non-monogamy and other forms of alternative relationship styles. We organize meetings which are open to anyone. There is no membership fee or any form of commitment.

The meetings of the English-language talking group are aimed at English speakers, such as exchange students, international expats and people who have English-speaking partner(s).

Our meetings are visited by people with a wide range of experiences in the field of polyamory. Some are just curious about the subject, some are at the verge of taking their first steps into custom-designed relationships, and yet others have been active for many years. Together we share a wealth of experiences and opinions.

Sometimes our meetings focus on specific topics, which will be announced in the calendar. But there is always room to ask any questions you might have or bring up topics you’d like to discuss.

The meetings will be held in the city center of Nijmegen. We ask for a EUR 2.50 donation to cover costs of drinks and snacks.

You can register for a meeting by
contacting us or sending an e-mail. Due to the limited space (usually we have room for around 10 people) you will receive a confirmation by e-mail if you can attend the meeting. If for any reason you cannot make it to a meeting that you registered for, please let us know, so we might assign your spot to someone else.